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Helping Muslims become the change in changemaker

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Kauthar Scholars


Do you know a changemaker? Someone who is true to their Islamic beliefs and uses their faith to propel them into making meaningful change in society. 
Do you know of someone who has a dream of spreading the truth through journalism, telling our stories through filmmaking or other media, of authoring the next best-seller? Do you know someone who dreams of starting institutions, creating cures, or inventing things that will have a large scale impact - or simply someone who makes an impact through their passions? 

If that person is you or someone you know, apply to the Kawthar Changemaker Scholarship. This exciting opportunity is open to both U.S based and international students!
Application opens May 15 2022.


  • Must be a Muslim student admitted to or enrolled at a top tier academic institution (both US based and international students are encouraged to apply!) 

  • Must be true to their faith and hold strong Islamic values

  • Must be actively involved in their respective community and have a proven track record of making a positive impact through their efforts

  • Must have ambitious future plans



Be accepted into a top 20 University in the US (Undergrad and Grad)


Qualify for Kauthar Scholarship 


Be accepted into the Scholarship

Thanks for submitting!

Dont be shy! Apply now

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